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Sir Alex Ferguson
Аватар для England
По умолчанию Туториал по замене названия бутс


You need:

original dt04.img, AFS Explorer & HEX Editor

AFS Explorer

1. open with the AFS Explorer dt04.img
2. right mousebutton on unnamed_9-> open file with-> manager ZLIB
3. “lenght” from 32 to 16 put
4. press “get from AFS”
5. in the middle of the window press “ZLIB”
6. “>> press UNPACK”
7. store to the file as unnamed_9original
8. AFS Explorer & manager ZLIB do not close

HEX Editor

1. unnamed_9original open
2. substitute for the boat names in the right window with yours


the new names may not contain any more sign than the old ones!!!

You can overwrite the too many signs in the left splitwindow with zeros!

3. Store the file as unnamed_9NEW as new!

AFS Explorer

9. “>> COMPRESS” press and select new unnamed_9NEW and open
10. “Press “INSERT INTO AFS”
11. close ZLIB Manager
12. press right mouse key on unnamed_9 and “export”
13. store the file and then use it in the game

Stored unnamed_9original you can keep for the next editings. You can the first part with the AFS Explorer to save!

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