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Старый 17.09.2015, 12:21   #1
Аватар для Иван Саныч
По умолчанию PES 2016: замеченные изъяны и недостатки

Данная тема создана с целью сбора нужной информации для предоставления ее разработчикам!

Все мы знаем, что разработчики время от времени выпускают официальные патчи, в которых исправляют те или иные замечания со стороны фанатов, в частности касающихся геймплея игры.

Повторяться в замечаниях можно и даже нужно, сделав таким образом акцент на том, что необходимо править в первую очередь!

Те, кто помогают с переводом, имеются. От вас же требуется лишь конкретизировано и аргументировано (с приведением примеров, если это необходимо) обозначить тот или иной недостаток или изъян в игре.

Сбор материала: 22.09.15 – 2.10.15
Систематизация материала: 3.10.15 – 4.10.15
Перевод материала: 5.10.15 – 9.10.15
Публикация материала на крупнейших зарубежных форумах о PES и его доведение до разработчиков: 9.10.15 – 11.10.15

Свои мысли следует излагать конкретно (без воды за исключением необходимого пояснения) и ёмко.

Обращаем ваше внимание на то, что для обсуждения самой игры имеются соответствующие темы: Для пк Для консолей
Здесь же, в этой теме, вы лишь обозначаете замечаемые ВАМИ недостатки! Зашли - отписались, зашли - отписались. И т.д.

Последний раз редактировалось Иван Саныч, 23.09.2015 в 12:32.
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Старый 17.09.2015, 12:30   #2
Игрок дубля
ну что за люди.. не успела игра выйти, сразу изъяны и недостатки искать..
Наслаждайтесь игрой)
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Старый 18.09.2015, 14:09   #3
Аватар для Иван Саныч
Замеченные недостатки игры на крупнейших зарубежных форумах о PES Part 1

1. goalkeepers
Although they are making amazing saves and re-action saves, they have quite a few problems. in certain situations when an attacker is carrying the ball inside the box, they simply stuck to their lines or come out late to cover the corners of the goal. This is not helped by the fact, that when they decide to dive, they make an unnecessary mini jump before jumping and dive late and slow-motion, with not fully stretched arms. This kills the joy of scoring. Too accurate shooting is not helping either. Example video:
2. referees
They are bad, inconsistent. I think there are enough fouls, but they are not given. Last men tackles not awarded with red, etc. Advantage rule is ridiculous. Almost every time advantage is given. Should be only in case of real goal scoring opportunity.
3. shooting. It's not varied enough. Almost every shot is on goal. Lack of AI. high shots, over the bar shots.R2 shooting can be overpowered, but I think the keepers should be improved. Not real difference between players. Almost every player can pull of really strong, long range shots. You cannot modify the shot type after you pressed square. I mean start with a normal shot and changing your mind and press R2 afterwards. It was in PES5-6 and was a really good weapon to trick defenders and keepers.
4. defending. I find the sliding tackles too easy to pull of. They lack variety and every player skills seems to be the same.
5. general
Bug. There are 2 nets shapes, they start with tighter version, once they are connected they become loose and remain loose. Not every dive should be awarded with yellow card (If you fall to the ground without being a player near you, or if it shouldn't be obvious for the referee it shouldn't be awarded with a yellow card). When a ball is out and it's obvious who contacted the ball last, that team's players shouldn't gesticulate in a crazy way, claiming that they have the throw in. General individuality should be improved, difference between players. Night lighting could be further improved. Replays should be re-designed. Too slow motion.
6. Further areas for improvement
Bring that fucking coin toss back. Implement a sliding tackle system which requires skill, where direction can be influenced, speed, length of sliding, etc. Enable to record voice to replays (not high priority on PS4 - it's recorded anyway). Smaller stadiums for master league.

1. Manual passing / shooting. Was it ever clarified if stats play a role or not on manual settings? I cannot decide, and manual is not really reproducible so it's hard to decide.I haven't heard any official word about this. In my opinion it should also be affected by stats. Less good player, bigger range, bigger standard deviation for desired angle.
2. Passing settings. In my opinion there should be only 2: assisted (slightly), not assisted
3. Player switching. I think it's almost perfect on semi, but I think if you loose the ball it shouldn't go automatic until the opponent reaches the ball. Because sometimes you try to get back the ball with that very player who lost it, and it switches to a different player causing your run to get back the ball fail. I think in the PS2 days it was different..

To the keepers not rushing out. It's important for offline players playing against CPU. Kills the emotion of scoring. And in a lot of cases the keeper stays on it's line when the CPU is controlling the opponent. I think most of the people do not realize this, because they are playing different style, and rarely face 1-on-1 the keeper. I liked in the past going past the keeper with a fake shot, placing a well timed R2 shot in one of the corners or lob the keeper. Now I know if I shoot hard and low, slightly to one of the corners it's 100% goal.

Passing on Passing Level 1 is TOO assisted, it should be much closer to manual (which is great btw). Atm I can't se any difference between pass level 1 and pass level 3, they seems to be about the same. If you play manual online and get paired with someone using pass level 1 u will have a huge disadvantage. Hopefully the system can guarantee that u get paired with another manual player, otherwise it will be a frustrating affair for us who doesn't want to play with assisted settings.

1. I can't feel the stats on players, especially the technical ones.
2. Passing is the same for all players (no errors). Moreover the whole passing system is odd and too ridig.
3. No variety on shooting.
4. Footplanting is horrible. Too ice-skating moments.
5. AI attacks are limited. Some teams never cross the ball for example. It decide to cross the ball into my area.

1. passing assist lvl 1 should be less assisted, R2 passing(wich takes a bit more time) should be more accurate than the simple pass. now there is no difference between lvl 1 and lvl2
2. basic shooting should be less assisted. too easy to hit the target from any player from any distance. i would feel more rewarded for a rare good shot than hitting the target every time
3. basic R2 shooting is a bit overpowered with star players, should be toned down
4. 1on1 finish is too easy with basic shooting
5. cpu' chip shots are too effective
6. not enough fouls in the game, CPU tackles with too much efficiency. maybe player can aswell
7. cpu's passing accuracy also could be toned down just a little bit on superstar and top player, i often see Palmeiras with 90% passing accuracy

Chris Daniels
1_the players should not be able to perfectly control any kind of pass that come towards them
2_AI should be able to commit fouls intentionally,and cross the ball more often
3_some of the physical challenges needs to result to fouls for a more fair play(more fouls overall)and also during aerial duels
4_the pitch could degrade as the match progresses and gameplay cam graphics needs polishing,grass should also move as players and ball comes in contact with it
5_during celebrations,the cutscenes needs to be seamless and they should stop appearing and disappearing every time and this also applies to when the reff blows for freekicks and is going to give a card or warning,the transition from gameplay to cutscenes just don't feel right,so make it all seamless and the goalscorer needs to interact with fellow teammates and we need a 1 to 11 man celebration and not the always 5 man celebration
6_Replays needs more variety from realistic angles,needs to be a bit faster than it is,the goal post should rattle when the ball hits the bar,the flag on the corner flag only moves in one motion(which is unrealistic)(they should move depending on the current weather)
7_players should stop gliding on the pitch and when taking freekicks,all the rest of the players stand still and don't move at all(in real life,players move around in case of passing so fix it) and when freekicks are blown,the out of focus players start walking like robots facing sideways and they enter one another(they start floating on the pitch and move,turn and walk like robots)so fix that
8_hairs needs to be more natural and also move like in older ps3 versions of pes,real subs should be seen warming up and even on the bench,more generic coaches and more animations for them depending on the current situation,and even cutscenes for them(this was also on pes 2013) cloth simulation needs more variety and needs to move like in pes 2014
9_game speed at -1 should be the default speed cos it make the game more appalling
10_players needs to get injured due to careless collisions and bring back stretchers
11_the penalty, system needs rapt fixing and it would be nice if the arrow when taking freekicks,corners,goalkicks is totally removed(it makes us feel like kids who needs arrows to do anything)

I STILL find that the AI plays like a bunch of psychic robots. So it's almost like the worst of both worlds! It's too easy AND it's unrealistic. I keep going back to the demo fully expecting it to grab me at some point, like PES always does (I played 2015 online more than I did FIFA and I really enjoyed it despite the lag issues). But it just feels so devoid of individuality to me, it seems watered down at the expense of playing a fast and frantic game, like FIFA does online.It feels, to me, like PES is trying to become FIFA to appeal to a wider audience and make more money after the success of MyClub (money is the goal, let's not kid ourselves), and FIFA - judging solely on their conferences and PR material (which start off with "defending redefined") - seems to be looking to please the "realism" folks, which used to be PES fans (not that I believe FIFA will be massively different - it just seems to be where their marketing push is this year).

1. CPU not crossing the ball
2. Hardly any free kicks given but this has been a problem since people complained about PES5 having too many.
3. The keeper hardly kicks long goal kicks

(1) Lack of fouls. Is there a specific reason why Konami seemingly chooses to not implement fouls?
(2) Goalie artificial intelligence. "Dumb goalies." Goalies need to make a better effort at stopping the ball. Some of their reactions seems to be delayed for the worst.
(3) Passing Accuracy. Reading around the web, people have brought up the fact that passes are a little too accurate, whether it be the CPU or the gamer.

Are they going to let us play online games with the demo default cam "dynamic wide". If they don't it would be tragic. Also. Any word if they will let us pick teams after being paired up so we dong get lame club vs national team match ups like last year?

Advanced through balls seem broken since PES 2015. That's my main concern since they are one of the most enjoyable things about the series in my opinion. They occasionally seem to auto direct now.

(+)(-) Aerial battles seem to have taken some steps away from the terrible dice roll of the previews PES games and now if you get used to it, you seem to have a much better control of the aerial battle if you manage to move your player (in the time-frame you have) in a better position against the opposition. This doesn't happen 100% of the time though since in some cases your player again locks to his own plan of how to position himself. (+)(-) Due to better defensive awareness and better interception positioning the ping pong passing seems to be less viable but it's still not gone. (-) Less accurate shots and passes even when the player is red would have been an improvement imo. (-) I also would like to see a bit more height in long passes rather than the ball sticking to the ground. (-) In some cases (not always) in the box, the defenders besides the user input, decide to control the ball instead of kicking it away to safety. (-) There are still blatant cases of fouls not given by the referee that can frustrate people if they are playing against a player who favors the physical play. (+)(-) Graphics are much improved but i would like to see more lively lighting.

1. passing accuracy for AI hovers around high 80's-90 whereas I'd like to see it a little lower.
2. allow us to get rid of the celebration prompts from the screen! I love how the AI runs off to celebrate but it kills the immersion when I have a 2-3 second splash screen to wait for before seeing my player celebrate!

EVERY SINGLE SHOT FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX in the 5 or 6 matches I played HIT THE POST . Literally. Except of course, those which I failed to aim at goal. By the 6th or 7th shot I couldn't help but laugh out loud... in a... nervous kind of way. It was super odd.

Clown Baby
The general consensus is that people aren't happy with the 'ping pong' passing and that the default game speed is way too fast, which will be a pain for the people who want to play online (as you won't be able to change speed.) Also, a lot of people aren't happy with the way CPU plays perfect passes, regardless of which player is in control of ball. IF Konami don't address the fouls situation or are too afraid to change anything in case it 'breaks the game', then they're going to be in real trouble. There's no way that anyone will put up with getting awarded just one free kick every 10 matches or so. I think Konami will fix that though.
The camera still doesn't keep up with the play in this, same as PES 2015. Is that the Fox Engine? I find it gets blurry when you play the ball backwards or forwards quickly too, it's so annoying.

The biggest negative immersion killer for me is the pinpoint accurate ping-pong passes by the AI and lack of variety of AI goals. Most goals seem to be from 1-2 cutbacks from the wings with hardly any long range shots.
Playing on manual and top player/superstar difficulty, the AI will end up with 85+ passing accuracy, this is consistent with all of the teams in the demo. When playing the AI, are stats in use at all or is the AI hard programmed based on difficulty, throwing the stats out the window?
What's the point of disadvantaging yourself playing on manual when AI's passing style does't change at all with their accuracy and 1-2 ping-pong style of play. Yea its a lot more enjoyable playing on manual and plays more organic with your inputs, but if the other team is not on the same level field with passing support then it completely ruins it.

People say the assists ruin everything. But, in truth, manual has 'ruined' everything. I've got nothing against manual in principle. However, because of manual passing, most of the people who want error are the ones who now subconsciously make do with the fact that the error is 99% in their thumb, rather than the player on the pitch (see ctruppi's excellent comment above). By playing with manual passing, you're not using the default gameplay option. The gameplay on every disc and install of the title is balanced according to the default gameplay option, and this is now chiefly aimed at people who aren't interested in things like passing inaccuracy or individuality. The CPU uses the default gameplay option, and expects you to do the same. And right now the default gameplay option has no short passing error at all. On passing assistance level 1, I had a passing rally between my LB and CB of about 10 passes, where I just pressed 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock on the stick. Every pass went straight to the man, even as the players slowly shifted to stand at 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock. Manual passing has no short passing error at all - it's just your aim that's off. If you were to just hit passes at exactly 12 o'clock every time, would see the ball go to exactly 12 o'clock 99% of the time, regardless of player. The only thing that seems to vary at all is the ball speed. This was exactly how passing worked in FIFA 11. I think aspects of PES 2016 are great. I do like a lot of the dribbling, though it needs some refining to avoid players doing inhuman things with momentum. It's also a bit too easy to sprint aggressively at defences with any player - Iturrbe is great at dribbling in tight quarters but most Roma players are pretty dangerous if they're able to turn and face goal. But, I do enjoy the responsiveness, the ability to improvise and play instinctively. I actually now think the pace of the game is fine, it's just that getting to top speed when dribbling is too easy and too fast for many players, who should at least give the impression of being more reticent when coming forward with the ball. But, without passing inaccuracy across ALL assistance levels (from OFF to 3), and with every player able to dribble aggressively, shoot dangerously and take sublime first touches (Morata is borderline Bergkamp with Juventus' long ball play), a lot of individuality has been lost, and a lot of stats simply don't matter like they used to. I wish it was just because football has lost a lot of individuality, a lot of archetypes who used to decorate the elite leagues. But it's clearly more of a game design issue.

- Some of the CPU's passing and crossing is just too much. I'm all for fast passing moves and intricate one-touch play as long as there's a sense that the players involved would have had a chance to spot those passes in the first place. I wish there was just a little more inaccuracy involved so that there's a sense of struggle on the part of the recipient to latch onto the pass. Some of the 180 degree crosses or unsighted passes are too perfect, and it sticks in the craw a bit when you think of how good the pressing side of the game feels.
- The game speed is a touch too fast, and some of the close control looks weird as a result.
- The shooting needs more skied/sliced/hooked shots, otherwise long range bullets feel easily attainable with anyone.
- I don't understand the advanced through ball? You used to direct the cursor with the left stick, but now it seems to need a combination of the power bar for distance and the left stick for direction. BUT, quite often the distance just decides to stop increasing way too soon, even when you're still holding the button down. Other times, the cursor flies off into the distance and you end up booting the ball into touch. And every now and then the cursor seems to do its own thing after you let go, twitching a good 5 or 6 yards left/right without any real rhyme or reason.

The issue I'm having is that, yes I have total control, but that means the shot outcome is based more on the accuracy of my fingers than any simulation based on the human being I'm actually controlling. Compare to the NBA 2k series. If I shoot in full manual mode based on a player's release point and shot type, I can get good enough as a gamer to hit that release 'very good' or 'perfect' 95% of the time. If I'm controlling LeBron James I expect a very high % of those shots to go in, and they do. If I'm controlling some scrub, or a big man with poor outside shooting stats, a very high % of those shots will not go in even if I do everything right as a gamer, because it's unrealistic and the stats matter. In PES I feel that the game has become more about my twitch abilities with a controller instead of the individual players I'm controlling. Even with full manual, if I attempt the same long pass with Pirlo 100 times pressing the buttons 100% the same exact way every time, I should expect a higher % of completed passes than if I attempted the same 100 passes with Chiellini. It should be the same with shots. Human beings are not robots and if I hold a thumb stick at the precise angle and press the shot button with identical pressure I should expect different outcomes depending on who I'm controlling. When I played PS2 era PES I was cognizant of who I was comtrollin because the same exact input to the controller could have a drastically different output during a match. Call it the game "fucking with me" or anything else you like, but it was much more realistic in the way I approached the representation of the sport of soccer on my tv screen. It also forced me to create tactics and strategies that placed the right players in situation that allowed my team to take advantage of their potential. Playing the '16 demo vs my son as France, I never give a shit about who has the ball and where because if I hit the buttons perfectly I'll make a great pass or shot. I never go into the game plan screen to change tactics because it doesn't make a huge difference. To me this is the soul of a soccer game and PES has unfortunately lost some of that soul.

What they need now is bring in analogue movement speed instead of just 2 speeds, and being able to strafe while running.

In the PES 2015 discussion thread someone (forgot who it was) made a comparison video. In PES 6 he chose Van Persie and took a shot on the goal in the same position and same kicking power for like 10 - 20 times and the ball never took the same trajectory. He did the same in PES 2015 and every shot looked almost identical. That´s quite sad tbh.

1) When I'm dispossessed, my player pauses/stutters for a moment. I can understand the design decision for this, to allow for the transition of possession, but it's weird and unrealistic.
2) Similarly to 1), sometimes when I make a successful tackle my player doesn't properly retrieve the ball, allowing the attacker to get up, retain possession, and continue with play. It's frustrating, and I've conceded a few goals where I make a tackle only for the attacker to retain possession but in a more advantageous position.
3) Shooting inside the box is odd. Maybe because it's too automatic, lacking in variety, not enough error. Dunno, but I score a good number of goals that just feel kinda cheap.

Issues that need to be addressed: - lack of CPU fouls is a major problem; - the game is very open and counter-attack oriented, and it doesn't take much to break down the AI defense; - R2 shooting is too clinical; - regarding shooting in general, I seem to be seeing a quite high conversion rate on goal scoring opportunities (ie if an attacker is open within decent range, it's almost automatic); - not seeing a great variety in goal scoring opportunities (most goals come from counter-attacks, 1-on-1s, and wing-play); - not in love with the dribbling system (though this may change with more experience) while pace abuse is a worry; -while I love the sliding tackle system, really not a fan of the standing tackle defensive mechanics, and I'm sick of seeing that one lunging tackle animation; - player awareness, especially defenders, can be lacking in critical moments. If they can add CPU fouls, improve the shooting, and make the game a little less open and less counter-attack oriented, I think it'd be a pretty solid game and maybe something special.

the biggest thing for me is the sliding of the players you can hold down R1 all game long without any consequences, players are way too quick to change directions, that's why i never really got into fifa too bad pes 2014 didn't work out, full arcade now

Played the demo. It's alright but I don't think I'm going to buy it. There's nothing wrong with it but it feels a bit soulless to play. Been a registered user here for a while but I get very little joy out of any football game these days (Football Manager included).
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Старый 18.09.2015, 14:13   #4
Аватар для Иван Саныч
Инфо Part 2
This years game still switches you off your player on defense and on a player you don't want and you give up a cheesy goal. I think it's part of the cheating/scripting.

what is most jarring right now is the lack of individuality. I just played two games as Palmeiras against Bayern Munich as a test, one on top player and one on superstar, with my goals being to take as many shots from outside the box (or inside the box, off balance) as possible, and to do elaborate passing to see if I felt it was much more difficult with such a weaker team. I did not alter my tactics to play differently against a top team at all. On top player, I finished the game with 88% passing (and I was not just passing between my defenders), had 11 shots (6 on target) to their 1, and lost possession 53-47 (not terrible, but I would expect worse). On superstar, I ended up with 8 shots to their 4, and 85% passing. They did win the second game, so there's that at least... but I was more worried about the other aspects than actually winning. I took video (especially of all the long shots) and am going to try to make a little compilation. The good news on the long shots is that I did not score most of them, but the bad news is they were pretty much all powerful (including a right footed shot with my left-footed left back with low ratings), and either narrowly missed or had to be saved. Never ever did I see a shot get shanked. I also felt it was way too easy to knock Bayern players off the ball. Hoping they still have time to fix at least some of these things before release.

If you didn't know, Neuer is a professional football player, and he also has a great shot. Just look at his penalties. He could definately do that in real life, but he would never be allowed to just go past the whole team and do that. It shouldn't even be possible at beginner -,-

I tried out almost 100 matches in various difficulties. I have got to admit I enjoyed the game most at professional difficulty. Don't get me wrong. It is very much possible to win while at superstar but the issue s the behaviour of the cpu team. I won a lot of matches playing at both professional and superstar. But I think top player and superstar exist just for the sake of it. At professional, I feel I am playing against a human opponent. Cpu often misplace passes, every shot is not a guaranteed goal. Good teams are hard to beat, weak teams can be thrashed IF you deserve such a result against them. but hey, that's how it should work right. In superstar difficulty konami programmed the cpu in such a way that the match should end 1- 0 . If you play a 10 min match cpu wastes 5 minutes by their superfast missile passes in their own half before even trying to break my defence.. It's like waiting for a boring movie to end. You can beat superstar 4 -0 if you want, but winning 4 -0 in professional is more enjoyable because I feel that I won a football match whereas after playing and beating superstar I feel like barely JUST passed a fuckin MATH EXAM. It's all about having fun right? Professional difficulty allows you to express your imaginations and fancy moves while maintaining acceptable difficulty, while superstar is all about following a rigid way or path to win.

- pass speed can be very quick at times even on manual, so I can understand the pinball comments when on assisted. Needs to be toned down
- disappointed with several stats missing from the game, elusiveness and vision were two I used to look at a lot when trying to buy players in master league, typical konami.
- CPU has a tendency to score a lot from lobbed through balls connecting with a header resulting in a goal, happens a lot,
- fast players like evra for example, I find too overpowering, once you get the hang of the game, you can go from one end to the other very easily, top speed and acceleration needs to be toned down a lot, or else online is gonna be all about fast and strong players again, goes against what they were saying that players like pirlo and iniesta type players will be just as important, at the moment I don't see that, can be easily fixed.
-midfield battles are intermittent, need to tinker with tactics a lot, also noticed when a defender gets the ball, there are channels exposed in the middle of the park, allowing the defender to run through the the midfield with ease, needs to be fixed.

Was actually looking forward to this PES after so many years. Master League sounded amazing, The ability to import kit images, Many more. However I hate it. It's too fast. I never feel as if I'm in control of the player. Foot plant sliding is ridiculous! Sorry I'm out

My biggest gripes so far
- AI keeper rooted to his line 1 on 1
- AI pass accuracy
- ease of tricks
- lack of fouls
- wobbly animations in tussles and
- AI goals don't seem organic for lack of a better word. It's like to Romagnoli said. It sometimes feels like nothing could have stopped the AI from scoring

Things that MUST be fixed:
- CPU Lack of fouls. They hit you but referee doesn't call it.
- CPU perfect touch. (Is like FIFA hard mode)
- CPU perfect definitions. Almost all shots are goals.

must be just me by the looks of things but i am only impressed with the graphics.
The scale of the game seems to be smaller (pitch and players)
the looseness of everything in Pes 2015 is gone
response time is better but arcadish better if you asked me.
Every player has super agility and i mean suuppeerrrrr. Passes are way too accurate. goals really haven't satisfied me much.
the ball physics are worse.
my son loves it, but he's eight so...... he never loved PES 5 and 6 because he could only score on amateur.
He had a blast today with the demo, beat Juventus 3-0 with Brazil on regular.
he said this one is the best pops. Are we buying it?
Still have the Pes 2015 demo installed and played it afterwards. i think it was much better. looks like i am in the minority here so.......
FIFA players will love it i guess, its much more arcadish than simulation.
don't care what people say but with PES 2015 i felt that they were back on track but after playing this....., i think we will never get back to the ps2 days.
Konami tries to listen too everyone's opinion which can be placed on social media nowadays and that is making them loose the plot.
please bring back Seabass, atleast he had a clue. just wish someone could hack/patch pes 5 or 6 in such a way that i could play it on the ps3 in HD with these ps4 graphics.
it feels empty. the soul is gone. somehow still hoping they tweak the final game, but since most seem to like it, i doubt they will.

Really loving the game so far, but rather than post the pros, I'll skip that and just post the cons in case there is a chance these things might be changed in time for release.
1. Biggest thing for me is overpowered shots. I don't mean that shot power needs to be toned down across the board, but I do want to see way more variance/error in shots, especially from outside the box and even more so from players with lesser stats. Currently, most "bad" shots now are either just too close to the keeper (but still screamers that need to be punched away) or screamers that fly just by or over the bar. In real life, shots from outside the box are wayward far more often. I'd like to see shots get completely shanked (go into row Z or go way wide), or miss-hit on goal with little power with far more regularity. This makes the screamers that you hit that much more sweet, and also increases individuality if done based on stats.
2. Passing. I love passing in general, but similar to the above I want to see way more error on passing from lower teams. Playing as Corinthians against Bayern, passing felt far too accurate for me as a lower team. Even as the good teams, I'd like to see passing be a bit looser, with passing not going straight to players' feet quite so often. More error, variety and individuality!
3. Where did all the fouls go? I've seen way too many fouls go unpunished.
4. Where did all the stats go? Seems they cut the stats in half this year - there's now no stat for "dribble speed", "agility" and a lot more... are these gone for good? Really hope not.
5. Dribbling with some players feels a little too good for their rating. I'm not sure what other rating makes them feel so good dribbling (it seems to be the faster players), but players like Vagner Love, who has a dribble skill of about 75, or Mendoza, who is super fast but has no other skills, seems like way too good a player.
Those are the big things for me right now... still trying to see more about wrong foot accuracy and whether that is well balanced, but seems ok so far. Hoping some of these changes are forthcoming (esp #1!)
Jimi Zuko
1. pass assistance could turn into a pinball fest online, there should be just one setting and thats between manual and 1..
2. CPU AI should be more aggressive when a player beats the AI in a dribble, should try to slide tackle or barge player off to create a foul, that should only apply to specific type of player that has high aggression, and it will also create more fouls which alot of people are craving for.
3. CPU AI not crossing ball, if so very very minimal.
4. Fast players are too overpowered like Evra for example, i can run from one end to the pitch to the other on superstar, this would be avoided if point 1 is sorted.
5. If Konami dont want to tinker with the current setup, they can introduce a new difficulty mode for hardcore players and introduce the above points in that mode, the old winning eleven games had a 6 star difficulty level,
6. CPU AI can be too accurate at times with there adventurous passing, should be toned down if possible.
Apart from all that, im hooked on this demo and cannot wait for the game.

the game need more freedom in the assisted passing
more dependence on direction and power bar on the controller, specially for choosing who is pass receiver in passing with triangle button
also less assisting on basic shooting

Cameras are all too far away or too close. Need more customisation. 'Fan View' zoomed in a bit more would be near perfect but, like 'Blimp', you can't edit it.

You could argue the ai is being precise and reading the challenge as a clean win of the ball unlike reality where the referee doesn't always have that luxury..

a bit more weight on the players without losing too much responsiveness, and the ball a bit less grip on the ground and i could play it all day long

At first sight, the game feels a litle bit weird. Player feel too light imo, but perhaps i should get used to it.

stilts1844 & Deki
Has anyone else tried playing matches as one of the top teams against one of the bottom, ie. Palmeiras or Corinthians? I've tried several games, and the passing accuracy of the computer is absolutely ludicrous at times. I would say, in the games I played, they averaged at least 85% passing, with several games ending with them posting an 88% clip or above (against Bayern!). The stats are one thing, but seeing it in action is just as frustrating, with all types of first-time passes being made with supreme accuracy and precision. I'm really worried that most if not all individuality has been lost in the passing game.
Looking at the game objectively, are you guys really seeing a distinct difference when you pass with a top team vs. a lower team? Though I feel like sometimes this may be the case, I don't the differences are any near drastic enough, and at worst, I have a hard time being 100% sure that the differences are really there. Individuality has always been at the heart of pro-evo, and I'm definitely worried it's starting to get lost.
'ping-pong' precision passing the whole time, very unrealistic and immersion breaking. I honestly don't see a big difference at all playing against low level teams like Palmeiras and Corinthians versus higher ranked sides, which is a big let down.

Ramgamer & Chris Davies
what fifa does better than pes, as a player of fifa 12 til now, is inside the area player control, it seems pes has some lack of animation inside the area to accomodate a move ur doing, or trying to shoot when ur being hassle on the ball inside the area in pes most likely u will either lose the ball from behind or not shooting at all, fifa certainly does it better when ur in tight spaces, there is simply more fluidity in the movement of the player in tight space.
I've been playing the demo a little bit more over the last few days, on -1 (which is perfect IMO), on Superstar, with different combinations of teams, and the AI shines at times (I still think it's too ping-pongy, but I have to admit seeing the different between Juve's counter-attacking and Bayern's build-up does excite me). This is one of the things that stands out for me though as one of the major negatives, along with the rebound goals. I was really enjoying a game against the AI last night until the 80th minute, when my keeper deflected a really soft shot straight back to the same striker to score - and then in the 90th minute, when their keeper did the same thing to my striker and I scored. Really spoilt it for me.

klashman69 & chiefrocka4real & Chuny
Still PES 2016 struggles to meet that games responsiveness which is the next step forward for 2017. Here is an example of where PES need to move forward next year, going back to the future: At 4:41 You see this run from Agbonglahor, you just lightly tap the R1 button, look at the instant responsive bursts of speed there, as if you your taking intermittent 'quick steps'. You still can't do this in PES 2016, you have to hold R1 down to get him sprinting, the responsiveness while brilliant and smooth, isn't on this level yet.
Yep, the sprinting is a little problem I'm having with this game. And yes, it worked a lot better in PES 2013. I also prefer the FIFA way using the right stick for this. I'm not a speed whore but it would be better if the sprinting would work like it did before PES 2014.
There should be more variation regarding players speed burst and sprinting. Talented players like Hazard, Silva, Agьero, Neymar, Messi, etc, should be able to keep the ball glued to their feet, then full speed, and little speed bursts. It just feels a little limited in that area still.

-Sliding tackle is a bit overdone imo. You go flying like you've been shot out of a cannon.
-Players still take shots with the wrong foot - eg. the ball is clearly good for a left foot shot but the player shoots with his right in an unnatural way. I understand players will favour their best foot but it shouldn't be to such a degree imo
-Lack of fouls
-Some animations, particularly when shooting, could do with some work. Too many times the player shoots with his heel instead of his instep and sometimes it's like he's pushing the ball rather than striking it - this goes far passing as well. Something is just off a lot of the time in how the foot touches the ball.
-Camera options are all either too close or too far away. This means I will not buy it on console. Total gamebreaker for me.
I'd personally love a FIFA style customisation for things like sprint speed, pass accuracy etc. I only like Fifa these days because of it. Without it I couldn't stand it.
Konami don't seem very keen to let players have much customisation tho. Just the lack of camera customisation year after year is evidence of that. It's inexplicable really

- more fouls
- slower default gamespeed (like -1 now)
- tweaked shooting, more variation (shooting is overpowered and too accurate according to most of the people)
- quicker GK reactions inside the box, they shouldnt stay on the line in certain situations, they should be more efficient and aggressive on 1on1s
- assist level 1 less assisted, also cpu's passing accuracy to be toned down - more variation in the error of R2 shooting

henrys hand
I love the demo, it strikes that nice balance between arcade and simulation, playing it on gamepspeed -1 and full manual and professional difficulty. The animation is lovely, the ball feels free and the teamplayer AI seems reactive.
But there are some problems:
1. The goalkeeper needs some refinement, and shooting more variation.
2. Fouls often don't get called.
3. There is a strange bug, that I think was also there in PES 2014 and PES 2015: When you run behind the attacking CPU, your player sometimes has difficulties catching up, which is normal because he was too late or is tired... But and here comes the strange bug. When you deselect the cursor on the defender you are running with behind the attacking CPU player, zip, zip, zip, he magically runs much faster (on his own) and easily catches up to the attacker.
Can't wait to play the full game on 20 minutes or longer, hopefully these bugs get fixed.
Default speed is too fast.

Stupid automated running alongside the ball is still there, that's my main grievance.
AI team stills spends far too much time passing it to their defenders.
Short weak passes bobble a bit ie they don't play them straight along the ground. You can still score long range goals.
AI players still dance their way into the box.
Another point - when the AI has a goal kick, they really don't like playing it long. There's always a defender wide on each side for them to pass to, and unless you're playing wingers, it's impossible to cover both sides.
Even when you do cover the positions in the 2016 demo, the AI keeper will still play a short pass, and the invisible barrier around the box will stop you from intercepting. Is it an actual football rule that you can't enter the box on a goal kick until another player has touched the ball??
When you play a pass, your player moves in a pre-determined path.
Noticed a big flaw with the CPUs out wide defenders at goal kick - it leaves them incredibly vulnerable down the middle.

I don't like the long pass animation, always a side foot?

Rat Monkey
Anytime the AI has players free out the wing from kick off, the goalie passes to them. Teams will always mix it up IRL regardless.
High pressure all match should have DRASTIC affects on your stamina. Online will be a nightmare if people can high pressure all match with not much consequences in stamina.

The GKs seem to dive slowly.
The CPU seems to like play long through balls a lot.
Is there a trick make players go to the ball when receiving passes? They either don't move, or take too long to react, when trying to move them to the ball.

1.) If you try to play a direct pass to a player, this player can't move to the ball. This is annoying, because the opponent K.I. always starting to move to the ball.
So You can't play possession football in the midfield. You must always play long ball on the strikers...
2.) The oppenent K.I. always defending better, than my K.I.
The opponent Players covers my players perfectly - my players doens't cover the opponent. There is always too much space for a perfect pass and no pressure for them.
Thats like cheating, too... and a little bit annoying - You plays great but your K.I. plays like "ah, I think we should give them a goal."
PES needs animations for shoots and passing under pressure (and then the ball goes over the crossbar, passes goes to far or something like that).
I hate it, then you are in the box, tap the shot button and you player doesn't shot, because 2 defenders tries to tackle you everytime.
Sry, but each player in rl would and can shot under pressure.

tremolo arm
There is a distinct lack of fouls in the game
In terms of AI The COM leaves a lot of space and does not press sufficiently.
COM loses the ball in attack, its strikers would immediately retreat instead of pressing the defenders.

In an atempt to make the player shoot/pass when you tell them the animations are cut short and this "slides" happen.

- Refs don't call fouls. I clearly get absolutely destroyed(I check the replays) but nothing is called. It went from calling everything in previous years to basically nothing this year. Balance is needed.
- Menus still look to clunky for my taste.
- Stamina feels like it's a bit off. Most of my players can easily finish each game no problem with green stamina. Need more balance.
- When passing the ball, the recipient gets frozen and does not make an effort to come to the ball but the defender does... wtf?
-The atmosphere of the stadium needs to have more intensity for my taste.
- The game is a bit too fast on normal speed and on -1 feels too slow... wish there was a -0.5 setting
- GKs seem too overpowered at times. I had a game where I was Roma and absolutely dominated juve in the first half with almost 70% possession on top player and 8 total shots with 6 on target and juve barely had 1 and not on target... then in the 2nd half a long through ball to an open Morata for an easy goal...
2 issues here:
- Why was my defender so out of position during that lofted through ball from their side of the field? This happens too OFTEN.
- Why is it that the AI seem to be able to put a perfectly placed pass from far away when they intercept absolutely everything from me... not to mention that my lofted through passes go WAYYY TOO HIGH UP IN THE AIR.

I like how the pace isnt a big factor but say im neymar and i beat the defender I'm rarely able to run from them. AI just keep passing it around their defence 90% of THE TIME.

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Старый 18.09.2015, 14:14   #5
Аватар для Иван Саныч
- The AI still doesn't foul or put crosses in. Even their corners tend to be played short.
- The pass assist seems to have been simplified dramitically. I played on 1 Bar last year which was about right for me. This year, Bar 1 feels like Bar3! I can't misplace anything. I dread to see what Bar3 in the game actually plays like!
- Had a few instances where I couldn't make a slid tackle in the box when trying to prevent a goal. It happened to me twice when the AI had an open goal and I wanted to make a last ditch slide tackle but it wouldn't let me. Admitteldy 9.5 times out of 10 it would have resulted in a red card and penalty but I still wanted to be able to dive in.

I would still like to see goalkeepers included as part of the match. As of now, they only protect the six yard area. Since there is a 90-95% chance of scoring with any player while inside the 18-yard box it makes goalscoring predictable and repetitive.
When I am through on goal I want a challenge. The keeper should close down the angles and protect the box at all costs. If I hesitate or delay the keeper should attempt to make an interception rather than wait for me to get closer to goal.
Also, the way in which keepers punch the ball clear is very automated. They always get there and it is always a great punch/clearance.

Placed shots seem to be too effective again this year, though. My biggest problem is rainbow flicks! Too easy to pull off, almost any player in the game can do them perfectly and when timed well, they are an easy way to beat a defender or two.

* The response has improved a bit, although still not quite responsive enough to make me happy, but workable.
* It's still on rails. I don't feel like I can put the ball where I want, it still wants to go in a straight line to the man rather than into space. Thus the power bar on passes feels pointless as the same power one time will have a completely different speed the next even when the exact same power is applied.
* Same with players running after the ball. If I press up on the control pad it will ignore me and continue running after the ball. Why can't I decide where I want the player to run and, you know, actually let ME play the game rather than do what you want me to do? I know there is 'super cancel' but why should I need to do this?
* Again, like the last point I feel like I'm watching rather than play. I played a high ball over the top and it was coming over my attackers head. I pressed shoot as I wanted him to hit it on the volley. And what did he do? He controlled it then hit it. That's not what I wanted. If I wanted to do that I would have waited for the player to control it then I would have pressed shoot. Let ME play the game please.
* Most of the time if a pass a ball forward then try to move the receiving playing towards the ball it doesn't work, he just stands there and the opposition player runs onto it. I read somewhere that this was supposed to be sorted but not from what I can see. Infuriating.
* The graphics are average at best. It has a cartoony look to it, if any of you think that it looks realistic or competes with Fifa's graphics then I honestly have no idea what you're looking at.
* Oh my god the replays. Sooooooooooo slooooooooooooow. Seriously, what planet are Konami on if they think this is the correct speed for a reply. Why is this so difficult? All I can do is shake my head in astonishment.
* Can't comment on the nets as all 5 goals were slowish efforts. But for what it's worth the net did what I would expect it to for slow efforts.

- Can't score outside of the box, assuming this is because of the limitations of the game engine/technologies used in this game/2015/2014.
- As I mentioned in my last post, the goalkeepers are not fun. If you stay on your line you leave the attacker with almost the entire goal to aim for, which is why keepers' close the space down - to prevent the opposition scoring.
- I believe (most likely as result of the game engine) that keepers will not leave their goal-line because of the issues regarding lobbed shots and R2 shots. The moment I bring my keeper away from the line the ball is lobbed or curled over his head. That doesn't make sense. The game wants the keeper to attempt an impossible save on his line or not at all?
- Lobbing the ball is a very difficult skill, even more so in an actual match scenario with the huge crowd, on-coming keeper, sliding defenders etc. You don't see them executed often in real life because of the difficulty, even the World's best players miss lobbed shot. It is so hard finding the right amount of height, dip, accuracy and power that result in a goal - even after doing all of that right you still have the keeper to beat.
- The only time the goalkeepers leave their line is to clear through balls - which they will only come for if they have a 100% chance of getting there.
- I like to use Super Cancel to allow a player to come towards the ball if a pass is short or I want to collect a through ball earlier - but this is no longer a feature of the gameplay.
- If you press R2 after you pass the ball, does it make the player run forwards - like it did on the PS2 generation games? Not sure if it was me doing that or the AI deciding to run forwards. I keep pressing it instinctively.
It is difficult to focus on things that I enjoy when issues occur so frequently. They take me away from the experience of playing or watching a football match. This is not right or wrong, it is just my opinion.

The ball physics are great but long shooting needs to be more varied. I'm hitting shots with CB's just as powerful and accurate as say Pogba. This would never happen in real life. Chip through balls have far to much curl on them also. Keepers have improved still parry to many shot though for me, the top keepers should hold more. PK system still appalling. Night time lighting needs work, needs to look brighter like ur under the flood lights more vibrant. Sometimes when u know ur not gonna get the ball and you want to slide the power bar moves up as if your making a pass.

Long shots - cakewalk for me.

-shooting is too easy,not satisfying on basic as does not go where you want it too but still goes in net. on advanced it glitches so every shot hits bar. manual too hard for me personally
-pressure does not seem to work as well anymore, makes midfield resistance futile

Dribbling seems a touch more responsive and the new collision animations seem to give you the chance to bundle the ball through a challenge.
Skills are still mostly useless unfortunately. First touch skills maybe less so...but still disappointing.
Slide tackles feel like they are aimed more at the ball now instead of the opposition's shins.
Passing doesn't seem to have changed much. I've seen a few new animations including a little chipped pass when a defender is very nearby.
Through balls still favour playing the ball wide of goal rather than putting players directly in.
Shooting doesn't feel drastically different on assisted. Still feels like there is either one of two outcomes...a yard inside or a yard outside the post.
Keepers are good but shooting for me is overpowered. They still need to close down one on ones earlier than the 6 yard box.
Crossing is infinitely better.
Player select is better but still often changes player by itself, even on unassisted.
Presentation is essentially the same as PES 3. There's a handful of new cutaways but no real attempt to give it a broadcast feel.
Difficulty. I really hate to see people boasting about how good they are but superstar does feel very easy to me.
Replays...I really do despair.

PES Russia (
ACCURACY - passes - shots - dribbling (AI)
MAX SPEED - ball
SLIPPING - players
LONG SHOTS - superaccurate
PING-PONG - 1 bar - passes
TECHNIQUE PLAYERS - identical (not the stars!)
KEEPER - 1to1
DIRECTION PASSES & SHOTS - can not change
POWER PASSES & SHOTS - can not change
KEEPER - close combat
REF. - yellow instead of red
REPLAYS - slow
FATIQUE - players - not felt!
GLUED - ball - foot
STUPOR - players (after collision)
LIGHTING - field - tribunes
AI - no aggression
GAPS - between the lines & players
GAME "IN THE WALL" - cheats!
PK & FK system
L2+square - cheats
ADV. SHOOTING - crossbar
GROUPING - gk - slowly
PARRY - gk - in front of!
CROSSES - AI (to rare)
SOUND EFFECTS - nets - goal
SLIDE TACKLING - too accurate
KEEPER - chained - goal-line

PES Russia

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Sir Alex Ferguson
Аватар для England
Самой большой недостаток: скорость игры. Это основной критерий.
Manchester United FC - its FANtastic. Welcome to the theatre of dreams.
Go, Three Lions!
PS4 Pro - my favorite!
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Старый 18.09.2015, 14:26   #7
Аватар для Иван Саныч
Напоминаю, что весь материал ниже был передан и доведен до разработчиков, а также размещен фактически на всех крупных зарубежных форумах о игре (,,,,,,,,, и других)! PR-менеджер KONAMI Адам Бхатти в ответ ответил лишь баном и тем, что нужно сначала поиграть, а потом уже делать какие-либо выводы. Как выяснилось в последующем, подавляющая часть из этого оказалось правдой. Спрашивается - какого *** ты индус держит фанатов за слепых?! Общее впечатление от игры есть общее впечатление, недостатки от этого никуда не деваются. Кичишься гондон своими полномочиями, принимая аргументированную критику (а мы предоставили доказательства в подтверждении своих слов) за оскорбление в свой адрес. Не понимаешь, что мы хотим не оскорбить, а лишь дать обратную связь и помочь. Извините, лирическое отступление. Накипело.

Обзор билда PES 2016 на E3 (заметки произведены по большей части на основе просмотра видео PES 2016 на Youtube)

Недостатки геймплея PES 2016 на фоне просмотра финала Кубка Америки!

● Игра вратарей. Намертво, удивительно легко фиксируют пушечные удары! Запоздалая реакция! Медленно складываются под удар, их движения зачастую инертны! Нерасторопная игра вратарей (в том числе с мячом в руках)! Глупая игра вратарей на выходах: голкипер бежит к мячу по непонятной, неправильной траектории, когда нападающий врывается к воротам под углом. В реальном футболе они более расторопные (в частности, при игре на выходах).
● Движение игроков. Со свистком рефери, при розыгрыше мяча с центра поля, начинается сумасшедший сумбур и метания игроков из стороны в сторону, наблюдается не органичное командное и индивидуальное движение, очень много суеты и лишних движений в действиях игроков. Игроки чересчур быстро перемещаются по полю.
● Темп игры. В реальном футболе скоростей гораздо больше, чем две. Как следствие – монотонный темп игры.
● Усталость. Влияния усталости на что-то кроме бега (и то условное!) не проглядывается в принципе. Изможденный игрок в реальном матче может отдать плохую передачу, проиграть борьбу, смазать удар.
● Действия игроков. Игроки эпизодами ведут себя крайне пассивно, действуют безинициативно. Игроки зачастую фиктивно навязывают борьбу, лишь обозначая ее.
● Плотность игры/ Позиционирование. Игроки нападения постоянно открыты, защитники плохо играют позиционно. Форвардам спокойно дают принять мяч, развернуться. Огромные свободные пространства в центре поля. Нет компактности и плотности игры. Как следствие – теряют смысл позиционные атаки.
● Удары. Максимальная сила ударов и пасов завышена, они неправдоподобно скоростные. Высокая точность ударов.
● Физика мяча. Игрокам укротить сильный пас не составляет труда. Мяч ведет себя максимально предсказуемо, отскакивает на удобное расстояние. Фактически отсутствует брак в работе с мячом (при финтах в том числе).
● Фолы. Фолы в верховой борьбе отсутствуют; отсутствует игра рукой и некоторые другие нарушение правил, отсутствует полноценный фейр-плей. В штрафной малейший тычок рассматривается арбитром как однозначный фол, в то время как за пределами штрафной ситуация прямо противоположенная. В футболе судьи с назначением пенальти более осторожны, могут предупредить слишком “ныряльщика”, или же просто не свистеть. Даже если контакт был. В том же PES 3 судья уже расценивал степень опасности нарушения правил!
● Команда. Нет словесного взаимодействия футболистов на поле, не чувствуется командного духа, духа соперничества. Каждый игрок словно предоставлен сам себе.
● Трибуны. Отсутствуют Аплодисменты игрокам за удачные действия!
● Трансляция матча. Очень мало крупных ракурсов по ходу матча. Помимо того, в повтор попадают только ключевые эпизоды (не показываются такие эпизоды, как эффектная обводка, попадание мяча в штангу и море других ситуаций). Отсутствует полноценное интерактивное окружение по периметру поля (разминка игроков, болбои и пр.). Как следствие - шовная трансляция матча (с черными экранами и заморозкой кадра). За счет этого теряется атмосфера происходящего, сбивается темп игры! Медленная скорость воспроизведения повторов. Эффект слоу-мо стоит применять лишь в ключевых моментах эпизода.
● Важный момент. Команды не стараются задействовать сильные качества некоторых своих игроков, такие преимущества в росте, скорости и тд. Намеренно.
Наше мнение о недостатках геймплея PES 2016 (а также недостатки геймплея PES, наблюдаемые из года в год)
● Вратари. Голкиперы зачастую намертво фиксируют мяч после пушечного удара, даже не дернувшись. При ударе вратарь переходит в какой-то другой временной режим и очень медленно пытается прыгнуть в угол. Это наблюдается фактически при всех ударах на точность. Мы уже до удара знаем, достанет кипер мяч или нет. Игра превращается в “доставь мяч до штрафной и пробей на точность в дальний”.
● Остолбенение игроков. Игроки очень часто застывают на месте и выпадают из игры (в частности, после столкновений), словно «перезагружаются». Игроки с запозданием реагируют на произошедшее. Иногда игроки по инерции ошибочно продолжают движение. При переключении курсора на игрока, находящегося в активном движении, он встает как вкопанный на доли секунды. При взятии игрока полностью под свой контроль при активизации супер-отмены теряется скорость, так быть не должно!
● Удары. Высокая точность ударов, игроки налету подстраиваются под мяч (с использованием R2).
● Физика мяча. Игроки очень легко принимают и обрабатывают мяч (в особенности сильные пасы). После приема мяча мяч автоматически привязывается к ведущей ноги футболистов. Мяч и игрок движутся как единое целое. Фактически отсутствует брак в работе с мячом.
● Дриблинг/прием мяча. Высокая точность дриблинга с использованием R2. Иногда пасы отдаются чрезмерно жесткие и сильные, в то время как игроки обрабатывают их очень легко. Финты заскриптованы - отсутствует погрешность в их исполнении, даже несясь на огромной скорости игрок в PES может выполнить скрещивание!
● Анимации. Очень много суеты и лишних движений в действиях игроков. Как следствие – дерганные, обрывистые и резкие переходы между анимациями при смене направления движения. Особенно это бросается в глаза на фоне кат-сцен, где движения игроков размеренные. Прослеживаются проскальзывания в движениях игроков (особенно заметно на повторе эпизодов, при стыках). Ужасная анимация падений вратаря, ужасные прыжки.
● Скрипты. Игроки зачастую играют не по эпизоду, а по прописанному сценарию/СКРИПТУ. Пока не закончится проигрывание одной анимации, невозможно следующее действие! Это не нормально, при этом теряется драгоценное время, сбивается темп игры!
● Трансляция матча. Резкий переход между геймплеем и кат-сценой (действия на кат-сцене после стоп-кадра не являются продолжением развития эпизода). Стоп-кадр, заморозка кадра. Зачастую ракурсы второй части повторов не показательны;
● Камеры. Не гибкие настройки игровой камеры (отсутствует настройка высоты и угла обзора, без ограничений).
● Физика мяча/скрипты. Физика мяча топорная, мяч ведет себя как мячик для настольного тенниса, при пасах низом движение спортивного снаряда неправдоподобно быстрое и гладкое. После приема мяча мяч автоматически привязывается к ведущей ноги футболистов. Мяч и игрок движутся как единое целое.
● Дриблинг. Использование RT\R2 (да и НЕ нажатие RB\R1) превращает почти любого игрока в того же футзального одаренного игрока. Опять же, мяч примагничен к ведущей ноге футболистов.
● Управление. R2 + Удар - это скрипт, и обсуждать нечего. Игроки при ударах с использованием R2 налету подстраиваются под мяч, при этом удары выходят практически всегда опасные. Скорость реагирования игры на D-PAD при контроле задней линии хромает, игроки сбиваются при перестроении, если следует быстрая контратака.
● Защитники. Образуют свободные зоны и не держат должным образом нападающих, благодаря чему благополучно организуют вратарю стабильные выходы один-на-один. Как следствие, 80-90% голов в онлайне – после выходов один на один.
● Стандартные положения. Относительно легкая, заскриптованная система пробития ШУ, пенальти. К слову, в ретро частях с этим был полный порядок.
● Стамина. Игрок в тот момент когда шкала стамины показывает, что пациент скорее мертв, чем жив, в любом случае охотно рванет за мячом и имеет все шансы опередить защитника. Игроки могут ускоряться с максимальной скорости до бесконечности! Это ненормально! Нужно заставить игроков более вдумчиво распределять силы, ввести элементы РПГ!
● Баги. Мяч проходит сквозь арбитра. Тела игроков зачастую проходят друг сквозь друга.
● Скиллы. Непонятно, отчего общий рейтинг игрока вдруг сильно падает когда ставишь на незнакомую позицию игрока. Игрок резко стал хуже бить и отдавать пасы и медленнее бежать, стал менее опасным?

Мнение фанатов о недостатках геймплея PES 2016 со всего мира!
● So much open spaces in the defense.
● Players oblivious to the situation on the pitch.
● when they are sprinting and they have to make a pass it look so unnatural.
● AI: if you keep playing the same, they will figure it out and block that way of attacking.
● Still that same ground passing thing like in PES 2015.
● Why passes are so accurate regardless of stats is because players always seem to have perfect balance to hit them.
● Ping-pong passes being strung together (again). This is the reason why Stoke plays as good as Barcelona when keeping possession. passing accuracy for the CPU doesn't really exist in 2015 on higher levels if you set 'short pass' o every team, they will pass around like Barca with their center backs and midfield regardless of ability.
● Once you know the scripted behaviors of the AI, you can easily win 6-0, 5-0 against any team on Superstar.
● I lowered all players ratings to 40, including pass ratings of course. No difference whatsoever, the CPU still ping-ponged the ball around perfectly @ 90% plus. I tried the same experiment in PES 2014. Instant results. The new tactics options in PES 2015 made the AI completely ignore the players' stats.
● Passing has an unrealistically low trajectory and it's unrealistically fast and accurate.
● Would love to see them sort the sound and atmosphere too on this game.
● A realtime two tiered stamina/fatigue system.
● I hate over saturated colors but dull lifeless color palette of PES is also not real for me.
● The little battle for midfield and because of the high pressure.
● The game still seems to be very orientated towards receiving the ball, trapping it, turning 180 degrees and pegging it towards the goal.
● Passing and first touch were abit too perfect at times for all players.
● All 100 percent accurate and the ball never leaves the ground.
● I atleast have control over my player's stamina instead of a random timer decreasing every player's stamina over time.
● Defending: doesn't like is that right and left backs leave empty spaces when they are attacking.
● Yeah keepers need to react faster, its like they work on a different tempo compared to the other players.
● The way players sprint at full speed and yet they are able to perform a full stop in half a second . Without losing balance or anything.
● The option to combine different part of the kits like in pes5/we9.
● super rainbow flick also still in it.
● AI they give you too much time on the ball.
● Pass > touch > ball comes to a full stop.
● The ball is not free, you can tell that most of the shots are telegraphed to go where the keeper is positioned just like 2015. Not good enough in that regard to me, not enough variation in trajectory, movement etc.
● The central defence looks bad as well, and you can still see that when an attacker gets through the midfield the ai switches off as if they have hit a glass wall and they just stop leaving the defence vulnerable.
● The turf/pitch looks much better, but still is not GREEN enough.
● Shooting animations are still terrible.
● KONAMI can make the defenders more aware and get rid of some hideous scripts (like when they delay the defender for a fraction just so the attacker gain advantage when a through ball is passed) and make the star player less "godlike" (I hate when Ronaldo can hit almost every shoot with incredible power and accuracy for 90 minutes)?
● Ball physics are not always good and seems on rails.
● The defence is still too static and widespread.
● It's just 1 pass and Totti is just facing the defense. The positioning of the defensive midfield seems to be wrong.
● Passing is so direct and seems on the rails. Shooting seems still bad. I must admit different types of shots (and bad shots) are represented in Fifa greatly (not the feel, but visually superb).
● All the keeper had to do to save it was stretch out his arm instead of this half stretch animation Konami use. Either the keeper has to make the save or the shot has to go more in the corner.
● Pass and receiving ball animations are poor.
● Shooting needs way more variety and keepers need to do full outstretched diving instead of the half assed stuff.
● Momentum/Bias and Scripting. It completely ruins the Online "Man to Man" Competition and makes it useless.
● In PES, once you get to the final third, it is too easy to find a way to attack, because the defense is too sparse and not organised.
● Diving so slowly and with arms half stretched. Everyone's been moaning for ages, it completely kills goals for me. Even in the videos I'm having to switch off after a goal, there's zero satisfaction in possibly the most important aspect.
● Ball physics. theyre too straight etc but I think the whole system needs an overhaul.
● The animation and ball trajectory for the R2 shot is still horrible 1 year later.
● When Tevez and Neymar were doing their flick n tricks, the ball sometimes looked glued to them as if the player and ball were "one" object.
● Find free kicks much more difficult to score though and even then the guide great. Would prefer it to be removed fully, the old system was far better.
● Penalty system still needs work, for both taker and goalkeeper.
● PK system is terrible and the animations on them are seriously bad.
● Tambiйn el manejo parece algo menos tosco aunque algunos giros me dan sensaciones raras, como que falta alguna animaciуn intermedia o algo y no sй si serб por eso que da la sensaciуn de que a veces patinan.
● No salen bajo los palos, cuando salen (como en el ultimo gameplay) corren como pollo sin cabeza...
● Lo mismo pasa con los arbitros cuando pitan las faltas, se quedan quietos "in-game" y luego la cinematica te los muestra corriendo como locos a por ti para sacarte tarjeta.
● El aсo pasado FIFA aplico los recogepelotas, que dan una sensacion de juego ininterrumpido. El PES team dijo que su objetivo era tambien ese, que no haya cortes en las secuencias, pero vemos como este aсo no se ha trabajado nada en ese aspecto. Y no lo digo solo por la tonteria de los recogepelotas, es la ambientacion del estadio en general, no se ha tocado nada desde el aсo pasado.
● El balon cuando va por alto hace cosas rars como que parece que se frena en el aire, es un detalle que no me gusta.
● En tema de porteros es cierto que parece que se han quedado algo cojos, sigo viendo estiradas tardнas y en algunas ocasiones, da la sensaciуn que no son estiradas naturales ( por ejemplo, yo un balуn que va al palo largo por abajo o por arriba, jamбs le darнa la animaciуn al portero de estirarse con ambos brazos estirados, la dejarнa con una animaciуn de un brazo super estirado y el otro "libre por inercia".
● Parece ser que el disparo con el R2 sigue siendo bastante efectivo.
● Lo de la REACCION del portero es un verdadero problema.
● Reacciones en ciertos contextos con gravedad lunar, no interpretan bien en muchisimas ocasiones las salidas para achicar espacios en los 1vs1.
● Como negativo me parece una escapada del balуn en donde se le queda atrбs al jugador.
● Computer never gives away any free kicks there are very few stoppages in the game.
● The COM does not defend aggressively enough which makes the game too easy and also results in a total absence of real life situations. Have you ever seen COM get an outfield player sent off?
● Why is the default player never the full back? Full backs take throw ins.
● Corner Kicks: Why do full backs always come up for corners meaning that you cannot bring both CBs up or else there's nobody back?
● Opposition Goal Kicks: Why do my midfielders close down the other side's defenders from opposition goal kicks?
● COM Set Pieces: Why are they so bad? *It's a particularly sore point for me since in real life I remember being pulled over by a manager and told that I needed to work on my throw ins if I wanted to play left back - it ends up I could've been the next Maldini if I had been able to lump the ball into the box from 30 yards.
● CBs and low technical skilled players doing fancy back flick and through the leg passing.
● I'd also like more than 3 formation/tactics save slots.
● I've no respect for players that use PA4. It naturally speeds up the game and encourages pingponging.
● We just needed basic weather options.

Обзор билда PES 2016 на GAMESCOM (заметки произведены как на фоне просмотра видео PES 2016 на Youtube, так и на фоне непосредственного знакомства с игрой)

● анимация того же паса/удара начинается после заполнения шкалы повер-бара, которая заполняется очень резко (в отличие от фифы, в которой анимация удара/паса сопровождается одновременно с плавным заполнением шкалы повер-бара)

● Анимация удара или паса зачастую не соответствует силе удара или паса
● Швы, разрывы между анимациями
● Скачок при уходе от стыка
● Ужасная анимация выпада при отборе
● Скольжение футболистов
● Игроки моментально подстраиваются под мяч при ударе с R2
● “Скриптовые” (затяжные) анимации

● Обработка мяча “налету”
● Пасы и удары словно оснащены лазерной наводкой (в том числе пасы в одно касание, в том числе пасы по летящему мячу)
● Отсутствуют факторы (не скиллы ли должны регулировать этот момент?), влияющие на скорость и точность пасов и ударов (они выглядят заскриптованными), а также влияющие на ведение мяча
● Фактически отсутствует брак в работе с мячом, мяч словно привязан к ведущей ноге футболистов
● Движение мяча неправдоподобно гладкое
● Вратари зачастую отражают мяч прямо перед собой, а не отбивают его в сторону, отводя возможную угрозу добивания мяча; иной раз вратари намертво (не дрогнув) фиксируют удары сумасшедшей силы (мяч в этот момент словно прилипает к их перчаткам)
● Черпачковые удары, навесы, забросы
● Поддержка помощи управления с ее многоступенчатостью сводит на нет скиллы игроков

● Аркадный, монотонно быстрый темп матча: отсутствуют такие связки, как «позиционная игра-взрыв-спад-взрыв и тд»
● Нарушена ритмичность игры: уйма лишних суетливых телодвижений со стороны игроков, не вовлеченых в ключевой эпизод с мячом (в реальном же футболе игроки активизируются по эпизоду)
● Скорость мяча несбалансирована (монотонно быстрая)

● Невнятная система физического контакта: футболисты контактируют между собой как кегли, обтекая друг друга
● Нарушенная инерция: мгновенная, резкая смена направления на 90 градусов при спринте с мячом (в эти моменты особо заметно то, что мяч словно приклеен к ведущей ноге футболистов)

● Не сбалансированная игра ИИ: в реальном футболе та или иная группа игроков активно включаются в тот или иной эпизод – в PES 2016, кажется, что все игроки вовлечены в игроковой эпизод
● Голкипер реагирует поздно на удары, складывается медленно, прыгает в режиме слоу-мо при ударе в 6-ку (аля матрица); при выходах 1 на 1 остаются на ленточке, не пытаясь сократить угол обстрела
● Остолбенения игроков после контакта
● Ошибки в позиционной игре: разрывы между линиями, разрывы между защитниками, много свободных пространств (не плотная игра)
● Защитная линия тормозит при пасах вразрез
● Отсутствие фолов со стороны ИИ (ИИ не столь агрессивен)
● Отсутствие кроссов со стороны ИИ

● Множество пасов шведой
● Освещение хромает (в частности в газонах, при сумерках)
● Бэкхилы
● Заморозка кадра в переходах между кадрами

● Отсутствует сдерживающий прессинг при отборе
● Отсутствует возможность изменить направление паса
● Отсутствует возможность усилить удар/пас повторным нажатием кнопки удара/паса

Последний раз редактировалось Иван Саныч, 18.09.2015 в 14:50.
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Игрок запаса
Аватар для üLtRaS
Для меня самый БОЛЬШОЙ недостаток - это судьи! Можно такую костоломку устроить и при этом не то,чтобы жк не получишь,а даже штрафного свистка не услышишь!! КК я вообще пока не видел…
Самое оптимальное,на мой взгляд,было бы сделать изменяемую шкалу строгости судей! Чтобы каждый мог себе задать строгость судей. Или же,чтобы каждый судья имел отдельную,неизменяемую такую шкалу,чтоб мы знали,когда и что ожидать от предстоящей игры...
"Я не играю в футбол на приставке, это слишком дорого. Джойстика хватает только на тайм, телевизора — на полтора." (с) Винни Джонс
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Игрок дубля
нормальные судьи.. и жк показывают и кк за фолы последней надежды.
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Аватар для Иван Саныч
По умолчанию Замеченные недостатки и некоторые пожелания (имхо)

● недостаточная чувствительность управления (контроль движений футболистов и мяча под их управлением)
● недостаточная отдача управления при выполнении передач и ударов
● недостаточная отдача управления при физическом контакте
● грузность игроков и мяча
● вальяжность и инертность движений игроков
● отсутствие возможности перематывать повторы, низкая скорость их воспроизведения по дефолту
● невозможность надбавить силы удару или пасу повторным нажатием клавиши при выполнении замаха
● продолжать работать по части позиционной игры АИ
● АИ зачастую действует не по ситуации (не приземленно, предпринимая далеко не очевидные решения); это проявляется и в том, что зачастую подстраивается не под мяч, а под скрипты, т.е. не владеет всецело своим телом; а также в том, что игроки до конца не отдаются эпизоду, не стремясь накрыть тот же удар или прервать тот же пас
● несколько сниженная реакция игроков на происходящее (применительно к их перемещениям); помимо прочего наблюдается остолбенение игроков на доли секунды (в частности, после контакта)
● скрипты: игроки порой двигаются к мячу далеко не по кратчайшей траектории, а в иной раз и вообще откладывают очевидное подхватывание мяча, секунду-другую пробегая рядом с ним
● той же игры на опережение (опять же к вопросе о игре по эпизоду) ничтожно мало
● фактически отсутствует брак в работе с мячом (вернее он имеется, но это больше похоже на какую-то несуразицу в действиях АИ, самому себе создающего проблемы)
● завышенная максимальная сила ударов и пасов
● игроки порой очень легко укрощают пасы, буквально без обработки (в частности, это касается сильных и жестких пасов)
● не плотная игра со стороны АИ
● низкая агрессивность и цепкость в действиях АИ
● высокая точность ударов и пасов, хотелось бы разброса в некотором радиусе заданного направления удара (т.е. чтобы мяч шел не строго по направлению как по струнке, а имел некоторую погрешность)
● низкое сказывание статистических показателей на действиях игроков
● пересмотреть факторы, сказывающиеся на сложности игры
● продолжать работать по части инерции в движениях игроков и мяча
● медленная группировка вратаря, замедленная порой реакция
● отсутствие внятного физического контакта (к слову о том, что его и не чувствуется)
● R2: высокая точность дрибблинга - читерские удары
● прослеживается гладкое и монотонное движение мяча, продолжать работать по усовершенствования его физики и его обособленности (искл. насколько это возможно ощущение намагниченности и привязи) от ведущей ноги футболистов
● все еще мало кроссов со стороны АИ
● игра кипера на ленточке, позиционирование
● опрометчивые действия игроков зачастую выглядят несколько нелогичными
● АИ все еще редко берет игру на себя, идя в обыгрыш на 1 и 2 оппонентов
● наблюдается излишняя суетливость в действиях и движениях игроков (опять же к вопросу о позиционировании)
● фолов в атаке не наблюдается
● намеренного нарушения правил со стороны АИ также ничтожно мало
● мелких фолов, присущих в футболе, также крайне ничтожно мало
● АИ зачастую не задействует всю ширину поля (к вопросу опять же о позиционной атаке)
● сцепка бутс с газонов слабо ощущается
● в движениях игроков наблюдается инертность в совокупе с общим высоким монотонным темпом игры (выше среднего), но никак не энергичность (к вопросу о чувствительности и отзывчивости элементов управления, легкости движений)
● несусветной радости от влетания мяча в сетку не имеется
● проигрываемая анимация паса/удара бывает не соответствует силе паса/удара
● нарушено (как по мне) соотношение между скоростью перемещений футболистов и скоростью передвижения мяча
● ритмика матча отдает монотонностью
● продолжать работать по части передачи реалистичной скоординированности движений
● низкая вариативность отбора мяча
● отст. вариативность нарушений правил
● отст. обманные движения телом (за исключением пары заскриптованных эффектных анимаций) без привязки к мячу
● комментатор порой запаздывает за ходом эпизода, а порой его эмоции не соответствуют накалу эпизода
● отст. повторы вторичных моментов
● криво реализована система пассивного оффсайда
● удары на исполнение (технику) как таковые отст.
● элементы фейр-плея фатически отст.
● при переходе кадра (ввиду не бесшовности матча) игроки не остаются на своих позициях по эпизоду, а транспортируются со скоростью света на свои дефолтные места
● кат-сцены не являются продолжением эпизоды - они выдаются скорее как шаблон, который проигрывается из раза в раза со сменой персонажей; если бы при этом можно было бы вертеть-приближать/отдалять ту же камеры - было бы пободрее
Иван Саныч вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 22.09.2015, 20:13   #11
Учёный, лауреат Нобелевской премии
Аватар для mаrsо
самый главный изъян.. очень слабо ии защищается..

слабая борьба.. легко очень даются голы.. также и легко пропускаются...

хоккея дохрена в этом псе..
mаrsо вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 22.09.2015, 21:48   #12
Отписываюсь исходя по игре в онлайне на ps3.
1. Судейство. Фолы почти не регистрируются. За подкат сзади иногда даже жёлтой не дают. Отсутствуют боковые судьи. Фолов за игру в воздухе вообще нет по дефолту, как и игры рукой.
2. Пасы. Нельзя добавить силу удара. Но это терпимо. Но. Самое главное и ужасное это то, что нельзя поменять направление паса. На примере - я отдал пас вниз, но из-за того, что отклик в онлайне плохой обычно, игрок мой отдал пас не сразу, а пробежал с мячом ещё метра два и игрок, которому я отдавал пас, ушёл с той позиции. Далее идёт два вариант событий - либо пас привязывается к игроку, на которого я его изначально направлял, и идёт в его сторону (а он уже может быть и за спиной у меня и в оффсайде), либо летит тупо вниз, где никого уже нет. Хотелось бы, чтобы можно было корректировать направление мяча вплоть до последнего момент, как это было раньше (точно помню, что в 2011 так можно было)
3. Скрипты. Одна и та же позиция, тем же игроком при одинковой силе удара мяч летит в одну и ту же точку. Проверялось в тренировке способностей за Ливерпуль в тренировке, где дают очки за забитые голы. Несколько раз подряд попал Баллатели в одинаково прыжке ударом ножницами в одну и ту же точки штанги.
4. Слишком легко нападающие отбирают мяч.
Пока всё))
Dromandon вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 22.09.2015, 22:29   #13
Учёный, лауреат Нобелевской премии
Аватар для mаrsо
а центральный судья хоть присутствует ?
mаrsо вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 25.09.2015, 23:28   #14
1) Отсутствие видеовставок в МЛ/СЛ
2) Медленный, тормознутый отклик в онлайне (!)
3) Медленное меню и медленные сетевые подгрузки (!)
4) Медленная скорость потовров
5) Заморозка происходящего на экране при смене кадров (!)
6) Заскриптованные финты (нельзя прервать)
7) Разбег вратаря при СУ
8) Слабая защита
9) Отсутствует fair-play
10) Практически полное отсутствие фолов со стороны ИИ
11) Читерский удар R2
12) Игра киперах на выходах (киперы почти всегда стоят на месте, не встречают напа)
13) Остолбенение игрока, после того, как у него отобрали мяч

Sony PS3
Has Makoev вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Старый 05.10.2015, 23:48   #15
Аватар для Иван Саныч
Вашему вниманию предлагается вступление статьи, готовящейся для отправки разработчикам и последующей публикации на фан-сайтах серии, за которым последует перечисление изъянов игры в виде пунктов.

От вас требуется скорректировать текст, подойдя к нему со стороны этики. Все свои мысли и замечания по изложению оставляйте в комментариях. В 22-00 МСК статья уйдет на перевод.

PES 2016: KONAMI от PES Russia

Обращение к разработчикам
Игра обладает множеством достоинств. Но нет в этом мире ничего совершенного. В связи с этим нами были выделены наиболее значимые (приоритетные) для нас прослеживающиеся изъяны в геймплее игры. То, на что по нашему мнению стоит обратить внимание в первую очередь, и совершенствовать это в дальнейшем. Просим задействовать данный материал при работе над официальными патчами для PES 2016, а также учитывать его при разработке PES 2017.

Обращение к фанатам и фан-комьюнити
Убедительная просьба – если вы согласны с содержанием данного материала (частично или же полностью) и находите его актуальным – дайте знать об этом разработчикам! Чем большую материал получит огласку, тем лучше. Умалчивая об этом, вы лишь дезориентируете разработчиков. Помните, что вам в это играть, и не оставайтесь равнодушными!

Обращение к Adam Bhatti, PES Global Product & Brand Manager
Многие опасения о недостатках геймплея PES 2016, которые мы отметили еще по просмотру видео геймплея c выставки E3 и которые вы упорно отрицали, подтвердились при непосредственно знакомстве с игрой. Эти недостатки нисколько не умаляют плюсов игры, но они имеют место быть, о чем мы тоже вам говорили. Говорили не с тем, чтобы оскорбить, а желая помочь. Вам напомнить, что вы ответили на все это? Может вас процитировать? Мы лишь отметим, что были забанены вами за то, что якобы мешали вашей PR-компании PES 2016 (как и многие другие, к слову). Конструктивную и аргументированную критику в адрес игры вы восприняли как оскорбление в свой адрес. Так почему же вы тогда принимали лестные слова о геймплее игры от тех, кто отзывался о ней положительно также лишь на основе просмотра видео геймплея? Можете не отвечать. Вам следует лишь помнить, расставляя приоритеты, что не вам играть в эту игру на протяжении года, а вашим преданным фанатам серии, которые просто-напросто хотят быть услышанными, публикуя свои запросы. Игре послужит лишь на пользу, когда вы начнете относиться к фанатам как к фанатам, а не как к потребителю, когда вы будете периодически организовывать обратную связь, и прислушиваться к их мнению. Не сомневайтесь, они это высоко оценят и будут готовы только за это купить игру. Даже в том случае, если их запросы будут удовлетворены лишь частично.

От вас требуется совсем ничего (и то по желанию) - пробегитесь глазами по списку недостатков PES 2016, приведенному ниже, и отметьте те изъяны, о которых мы забыли упомянуть! Благодарим за уделенное время и внимание!

● запоздалая реакция голкипера на удар и низкая скорость группировки (чуть ли не в режиме слоу-мо)
● голкипер не отталкивается от газона и прыгает, а словно заваливается на бок
● киперы не пытаются сократить угол обстрела

● максимальная сила ударов и пасов завышена
● скорость игры по дефолту (0) завышена (энергичность движений достигается по большей части не чувствительностью управления, а высокой общей скоростью игры). Как следствие - ИИ очень быстро работает с мячом (наблюдается излишняя суетливость в действиях и движениях игроков)

● ИИ не оказывает высокого, плотного прессинга
● ИИ не стремится остановить сольные проходы, накрыть удары и передачи
● ИИ в отборе действуют не агрессивно, не цепко (фиктивно навязывают борьбу)
● ИИ редко старается играть на опережение (действуя пассивно)
● ИИ моментально принимает решения (и большинство из них верные)
● ИИ крайне редко намеренно нарушает правила
● ИИ не строит позиционные атаки, не задействует всю ширину поля при созидании

● анимация ухода от стыка (которая исключает фол-блокировку)
● черпачковая анимация навесов
● конская анимация выпада при отборе
● сила пасов и ударов зачастую не соответствует анимации (замах на копейку – удар/пас на рубль)
● фактически отсутствуют обманные движения телом без мяча
● из-за нехватки промежуточных анимаций наблюдаются проскальзывания в движениях (из –за чего впоследствии сцепка бутс с газоном слабо ощущается и создается ощущение, что футболисты перемещаются не по твердой поверхность, а по воздуху или же вплавь)

● наблюдается остолбенение игроков (в частности после стыка), игроки выпадают из эпизода
● при розыгрыше вратарем свободного удара накоротке, с защитником, наблюдается магнитное поле, которое мешает перехватить мяч
● низкое сказывание усталости на действиях игроков (в следствии чего теряют актуальность замены)
● система стандартных положений на фоне той, что располагает EA, словно заскриптована
● при близком ШУ напротив ворот все игроки остаются где-то в стороне, перед вратарем остается лишь стенка
● ИИ не всегда играет по ситуации (ИИ зачастую движется к мячу не по самой короткой траектории; аналогично это наблюдается при движении с мячом)

● отсутствует запас скорости у игроков (возможность приобретения дополнительного ускорения за счет отклонения стика)
● отсутствуют ярковыраженные фан-сектора
● невозможность надбавить силы удару или пасу повторным нажатием клавиши при выполнении замаха
● элементы фейр-плея фактически отсутствуют

● пасы и удары на мануал-управлении не имеют разброса (высокая точность пасов и ударов)
● игроки очень редко ошибаются при контроле мяча, фактически отсутствует брак в работе с мячом (игроки очень легко подстраиваются под мяч)
● очень много проходит чистых подкатов
● игроки слишком легко укрощают пасы (в особенности сильные и жесткие пасы)
● игроки зачастую слишком легко координируются, не теряя равновесия (игроки совершают вменяемый пас или удар даже в той ситуации, когда казалось бы им крайне неудобно это будет сделать)
● удар с использованием R2 представляет собой чит, а не удар на технику/на исполнение

● движение мяча (в частности после пасов) больно гладкое, монотонно быстрое
● чувствуется привязка мяча (как магнитом) к ведущей ноге при работе с мячом и дриблинге (мяч на ровном месте фактически невозможно потерять без стороннего воздействия)

● судья не различает грубость нарушения (вместо желтой – ничего, вместо красной – желтую)
● отсутствуют фолы в атаке
● криво реализована система пассивного оффсайда

● физический контакт между игроками не ощущается
● удары и пасы силы ниже средней не ощущаются
● недостаточная чувствительность управления (контроль движений футболистов и мяча под их управлением)
● ощущается некоторая грузность игроков и мяча

● проигрывание анимации (того же удара или паса; в частности свободного удара) происходит уже после заполнения шкалы повер-бара (а хотелось бы, чтобы это происходило единовременно и более размеренно)

● низкая скорость воспроизведения повторов
● отст. повторы вторичных эпизодов
● заморозка кадра
● кат-сцены не являются продолжением эпизодов

● множество экранов подзагрузки
● отклик управления при перемещении по интерфейсу

● при переходе кадра (ввиду не бесшовности матча) игроки не остаются на своих позициях по эпизоду, а транспортируются со скоростью света на свои дефолтные места

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