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Старый 20.04.2012, 09:36   #1
По умолчанию PES 5/ WE9LE - Exogenesis patch

The biggest and the most complete patch for both titles is finally ready.
After long and hard work on database it is finally ready to get downloaded on your HDDs.
Patch contains more than any PES5/WE9LE patch before, mainly because I've worked on some things that were unknown back then, such as relinking banners, chants and emblems.

To reduce the talking, here are the links
NOTICE : Download only the stuff you need, such as if you want this patch only for PES 5, download files from PES5/WE9LE(you need these ones for both versions) section and PES 5 section, you won't be needing those from WE9LE section and vice versa.
Installation is easy, overwrite your old files with new downloaded ones and copy/paste faces, hair, stadiums, balls, boots and uni folders into GDB folder located inside of kitserver.

Details and infos about the patch

So what actually makes this patch the most complete one yet ?

Well, to start from scratch - all teams have their full names written according to their language, more than 2000 faces are assigned to players and not only players - all the referees are replaced now to provide you new ones such as Howard Webb and so on. Almost every team in the game has their chants, here is the list of only ones that are missing:


New Zealand
Korea DPR

Almost every team has kits for the newest season(and even those who don't are done with waterloo tool so they look at least similar to real ones), only few are missing and even them are being made at the moment and will be included in the update.
Commentator is updated with new player callnames, 7 new national teams are added over classic teams and ML starting year is set to 2011.
Every team has its own banner slot(relinked) and stadiums are assigned to teams via home map.txt




Part 1 - 0_sound Part 2 - 0_sound Part 3 - 0_sound Part 1 - 0_text Part 2 - 0_text Part 1 - e_sound Part 2 - e_sound Part 3 - e_sound Part 4 - e_sound e_text PES5.exe Option File


Part 1 - 0_sound Part 2 - 0_sound Part 3 - 0_sound Part 4 - 0_sound Part 5 - 0_sound Part 1 - 0_text Part 2 - 0_text Part 1 - k_sound Part 2 - k_sound Part 3 - k_sound Part 4 - k_sound k_text WE9LE.exe Option File


Fix for wrong emblems(WE9LE version). Just put this folder within your Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution\kitserver\example-root folder Fix for random crashes(WE9LE version)Just put this folder within your Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution\kitserver\example-root folder... Boots showing correctly in edit mode but not in normal match. Run your game in windows xp sp2 compatibility mode.

EURO 2012 Update



To install the update simply overwrite your old OF and exe file and put 0_text.afs folder within your \kitserver\example-root folder

Instructions - How to play online

In order to run this patch online, you'll have to follow few easy steps that will allow you to connect with this patch.

1. For start you have to download network folder from this post and put it within your GDB folder.
2. After that open your network.cfg with notepad or wordpad and make sure it looks like this(copy/paste and save it)
# Configuration file for network module network.server = "" network.stun-server = "" network.roster.update = 0 network.roster.update.baseurl = "" network.roster.hash = 1 # set this to 1, if you want to practice or play with # rosters used in network mode. network.option.enabled = 0 # this will make the kitserver cache your login/password # and populate the fields when you connect to the server. # If you do not want this, set the following option to 0. network.remember.login = 1
3. Register at this site
4. Remember well what you've entered as your password and nickname cause you will use it for login ingame...
Go in game and enter Network, wait for it to load and you'll come on screen where you will have to enter password... your password will be in nick-password format. What that means is that you need to enter the nickname you used for registering on site put - and enter your password. For example I registered on that site with nickname kristian826 and used 1234 as my password, I need to enter kristian826-1234 in game...

That's it, you're ready to play.

If you get error that says UNABLE TO TRANSMIT USING UDP PORT 5 730 be sure to add PES/WE as an exception to firewall you're using and just to make sure it will work, turn off the firewall, sometimes it can block game from working properly even if the game is added as an exception. If it continues throwing out that same error be sure to visit this site for further help -

Добавлено через 1 минуту

Here you can preview short intro

YouTube - PES 5/WE9LE - Exogenesis patch intro



Kits - Man who did more than anyone for this patch, he almost single-handedly created all the kits for this patch - sambozic. Rest of the kits were done by vodoved.

Database editing - thx to russian community because most probably this patch wouldn't be released without their first release back in 08(bone structure of this patch). Rest of the editing was done by me.

Faces and hair - all credits go to respective face makers and thx to pipa for his giant face pack which I used for assigning faces, also thx to franco90vn1 for his help with La Liga faces.

Boots - same as faces, credits go to respective boots makers, I have no idea where did I get this one from tho, most probably some huge boot pack from evo-web

Stadiums - everything was converted from PES 6 by Uladar and collected by him as well, I just repacked them with HD previews by tomipl, credits to the respective stadium makers. Also big credits go to vodoved who did all the new textures for in game stadiums for WE9LE.

Hex editing - thx to anderson for some help with WE9LE.exe(renaming clubs )

Also thx to everyone who somehow helped around with this patch such as baba_adamu, allezlinter, zerofun, shollym, juce... Sorry if I've forgot someone...

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Старый 23.09.2012, 08:17   #31
Игрок запаса
Я под себя полностью АПЛ сделал (без добавления новичков) и трансферы клубов первой 10-ки Испании, Италии и лучших клубов остальной Европы. Играть пока можно, но опшн не торт.
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Старый 23.09.2012, 08:45   #32
Старая гвардия
Аватар для Efgen
Gooner, играй пока в ретро патч.
Мой инстаграм
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Старый 23.09.2012, 08:51   #33
Игрок запаса

Чем пока и занимаюсь с удовольствием.
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Старый 02.09.2017, 05:46   #34
Клава навсегда!
Аватар для Sany1984
Обновил ссылки в сообщениях #22 и #26.
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